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What is Nethermined?

Nethermined is one of the leading Gaming Conventions in the UK.  Based on the popular game “Minecraft” you can expect to see plenty of Minecraft content at any Nethermined event. Live Stage Shows, Educational workshops, YouTubers and streamers, Retro Gaming, Expo / retail areas, Tournaments, Virtual Reality and much more! Each event is unique and customized to the venue and area and we create each event with the same passion and enthusiasm throughout to make sure all attendees get the amazing experience that Nethermined is known for.

Where is Nethermined?

Nethermined runs different events in different locations. To find out where our events are, please take a look at our Events page. You will be able to see where our events take place.
If you would like to see a Nethermined event come to a place near you, please feel free to contact us on our “Contact” page and we will see what we can do!

What age is Nethermined for?

Nethermined is itself are Family Friendly events that anyone can enjoy. The main content and focus is “Minecraft” and this is most popular with people aged between 4 – 16. However, like us, Many other people enjoy Minecraft for many reasons.
At each Nethermined event, there are plenty of things that you can do. Whether it be experiencing Virtual Reality, Living the past with our Retro Gaming areas or Walking around our Expo / Retail zones. There is always content that anyone can enjoy, no matter what their age.

Nethermined stand-along events (Such as Nethermined 4) are always Family Friendly and always will be. But any event that Nethermined features at as a partner (Such as XpLoad) may not always be suitable for all ages. We will always make this clear on our website if the event we are attending / fetureing at is not a family friendly event.

Can my child go without me?

All children aged 14 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times! Children under the age of 14 will not be allowed to enter the venue without an adult over the age of 18.

My child has special requirements and I would like to clear some things up before I book

We have many attendees attend that have special requirements or needs. We are always here to help too!
Please do contact us and we will answer any questions you may have and assist you in any way we can.

How do I get a carers ticket?

We can provide a free carer ticket for those who receive Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payments. In order to gain a carer ticket, please contact us by phone with the attendee’s order number (found on their e-ticket) and the carer’s full name and email address to hand and we will help you from there. Our number is 0191 300 0950 (please note that we may not be able to take your call right away. But please leave us a message and we will call you back asap.

Is Nethermined Autism friendly?

Nethermined events are Autism friendly yes. We allow attendees with Autism to attend early, along with the VIP’s. This allows you to miss the long queues that may occur upon entry. And will allow you time to take in the Event and meet the YouTubers too! Staff are always on hand if you would like any help/assistance throughout the day.

I'm bringing my child, will i need a ticket too?

Yes, only ticket holders will be allowed entry to the event. Do not worry! We try our best to make sure that all those at the event will have a great time!
Have an idea of something you would like to see there? please let us know, we are always looking to bring new elements to our events. Who knows, maybe we can surprise you!  (please do not ask for us to have Take That perform. As much as we would like that too)

I want to purchase a VIP ticket for my child, Do I need one too?

No, you will not need a VIP ticket to enter the event. VIP Tickets were designed for those who are aged 16 and under. Only those who have the VIP Tickets will get the goodies if the event you are attending is providing them. But you can enter the event with them no problem.

Can you post my ticket out to me?

Unfortunately not. Our ticketing system emails your ticket link to you within 24 hours after you made the purchase. You are required to either print out the tickets and bring it with you. Or have the e-tickets on a smart device such as a Phone or Tablet. Please make sure that the ticket is clearly visible and not damaged. If we cannot scan your ticket in, you may be declined entry.
We manage to keep our ticket prices low by cutting out unnecessary costs such as ticket postal service. We found that keeping our ticket prices low was the popular choice over ticket postal.

If for some reason there is absolutely no way you can either print your ticket or bring it with you on a smart device. Please contact us and we will try and help you as best as we can.

Can i re-enter the event if I leave at any point?

Absolutely, Upon checking in at the event, all attendees are issued with a wristband. As long as you are still wearing the wristband and it is not broken/damaged, you can re-enter the event. Please keep in mind that children cannot be left unattended at the event at any point. Any queries? please contact us.

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