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Ticket Information!


Below you can find tickets for Nethermined 4.
Please read through the following information about the tickets and what you can expect from them.

General Admission

Experience Nethermined like never before!
Doors for General Admission ticket holders open at 11:00 am and you gain full access to the event until the event closes at 4:30 pm.
This ticket allows entry for the ticket holder only. Please note that those who are 14 or under, will need to be accompanied by a ticket holder who is 18+.
You can find out more about what to expect at Nethermined HERE


VIP Tickets

VIP ticket holders have full access to the event just as General ticket holders. However, doors open one hour earlier at 10:00 am.
This hour gives VIP’s an exclusive experience that you can choose to spend however you like. Play games before anyone else, meet the YouTubers. Or get a head start on the Minecraft tournaments.
The doors close at the same time for VIP’s at 4:30 pm
VIP Tickets are for under 16 year olds only and if under 14 must be accompanied by an adult with a General Admission Ticket


Family Tickets

Family tickets are designed for parties of 4. Get 4 general tickets for the price of £64.00.
All perks and allowances are the same as General admission ticket holders and all members of the party will receive a separate wristband.
One ticket is provided to the ticket owner upon purchase. This will contain a unique code that you can redeem at the check-in desk of the event.

3 & Under

3 & Under tickets are for those of the age 3 and under (it’s in the name) These tickets are free. Please note that under 3’s are not allowed to attend the event unsupervised at all! They will need to be accompanied by a full ticket holder who is 18+

Ticket Type Price Cart
Vip Saturday 11th £30
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General Admission Saturday 11th £18
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Family Ticket Saturday 11th £64
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3 & Under Saturday 11th £0
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